We gather information by reading, listening and watching talks etc. But we inculcate this information when we write, explain or deliver. That is the purpose of this blog, keep summarizing things I learn/encounter related to data science, machine learning, artificial intelligence, statistics, mathematics.


My manager always tells us that ‘Mathematics will always carry along and subjective knowledge will not’ and following this have changed my approach to solve any data science and machine learning problem at work. Following same this blog is less of ‘how to’ or ‘getting started with’ kind of a blog and focuses more summarizing mathematical equations. We believe this should serve as extended form of cheat sheets for the subject.


For any topic if you want to add anything else to the page or you don’t find what you were looking for, feel free to write a comment and we will happily edit the post. You can also submit any general feedback or request for a new topic from contact page.


Thanks !